Potato Stamp Cards

During this time of quarantine, it is easy to feel isolated and uninspired. This prompt is an easy and fun way to combat both of those emotions. Using a potato and tools you have around the house, create a potato stamp and use it to decorate a card to send out to someone in your life. You could send it a family member or a friend, or let an essential worker know that you are grateful for all of their hard work.

  1. Cut a potato in half and use some sort of tool to carve a design into the potato.
  2. Use a paintbrush to apply paint directly to the potato.
  3. Stamp the potato on a piece of folded paper and repeat until the desired design is completed.
  4. Write a note on the inside of the card to a friend, family member or essential worker.
  5. Send it to them!
  6. Take a picture of your completed card and share it with us using the submission form at the top of this page!