Community Garden

Your community is bigger than you think. It’s the people in your home, it’s your friends, it’s your neighbors. But it expands beyond that to your long distance family and the people you chat with online. All of these people are part of your community. During Covid-19, we can’t be together in person, but we can cultivate a garden together.

  1. Create a community garden. Begin by making your favorite flower or plant in a 3-D form using whatever medium you like paper, drawing, painting, digital, playdoh, etc. 
  2. Ask at least five friends, neighbors, and family what their favorite flower or plant is. Ask them why? Is it the color? A story they maybe once heard about the plant? Or does the plant remind them of someone?
  3. Add those plants/flowers to your garden, labeling them with people’s names as you go by adding their picks. You can switch up your medium for every person, or you can use the same throughout. If you use multiple mediums, it’s alright to collage them using photos or to take a picture of them all together to show them.
  4. Reflect on the variety of plants in your garden. Did the garden turn out as you imagined? Share your garden with those whose flowers/plants you added. Don’t be afraid to continue to add to your garden as time goes on or to create more gardens in the future.
  5. Take a photo of your garden and share it using the submission form at the top of this page!