Quarantine Soundtrack

During this pandemic, a lot of people are physically separated from the people they love. However, that doesn’t mean that should stop us from spending time with each other. For this prompt, I ask that people do just that — hangout with the people they love, just in an auditory space.

  1. (Virtually) gather the people you miss hanging out with. Choose a time that works best for everyone and choose an everyday activity that you miss doing together. (It’s okay if times can’t be aligned.) It can be anything: take a walk, cook dinner, watch a movie, go on a drive, etc.
  2. Choose an activity. Take a 1 minute audio recording of yourself doing the activity. You don’t need to talk, just record the sounds that are naturally made when you’re partaking in that activity.
  3. Share those recordings with one another. Be transported into each other's lives, just by listening to those sounds, as if you were there with them.
  4. Share your recording using the submission form at the top of this page! Include the date, time, names & locations of participants, and activity. A compilation of the recordings will be made and sent back, commemorating the love still felt during this strange time that is quarantine.