Future Worlds

How will you help shape the future? COVID-19 is disrupting the world — with it has come civil unrest, geopolitical tensions, and greater concerns about economic inequality. While complex disruptions like the pandemic present many challenges it also offers unique opportunities to provoke change and reimagine our society.

This prompt challenges you to create a future world. Construct an imaginary world or fictional world or landscape.

  1. You can begin by envisioning a world where a specific social or environmental problem has been solved. Or you might want to begin by imagining a character, cityscape, or landscape from the future. If you created a Future Character for Prompt #22 you could build your future world around this character.
  2. Continue to develop your world, perhaps using an idea web. You can place your chosen problem, character, or place from step one in the center of the page and then add and connect details around the edges. Depending on how you start, you can describe an imaginary or real setting by thinking about its ecology, architecture, or the daily life and experiences of your character.  The richer the details, the more the world will come to life.
  3. Create your world using any media and materials you prefer. You may want to build a miniature landscape/cityscape out of cardboard or paper;  write about, draw, paint or digitally create your world; or you may want to create a short video acting out a scenario in the world you imagined.
  4. Share your future world using the submission form at the top of this page!