Future Characters

We are living in a time when the future is unpredictable. The pandemic has brought both human and economic loss. Throughout history we have lived through moments of great uncertainty and we will again. That said, we can imagine a new future — one where we are more resilient and nimbler for having adapted and endured. Artists play an important role in envisioning the future, from theater to science fiction, to film; from painting and collage to urban design.

  1. Ask yourself (and your friends and family) these questions: What kind of future do you want to see? Who are the people building the future you want to see? What types of futures have you read about or seen in art, theater, video games, or film? What hope, dreams, worries or expectations do you have for the future?
  2. Create a character that lives in the future you want to see or the future you are worried may come to pass. Create a backstory for your character. What is the environment your character lives in? What do they wear? Do? Carry? What can they do in the future that they can’t do now?
  3. Create a costume design for your character that conveys their story. Either use elements around your house: cardboard, newspaper, paper, fabric, clothing, bubble wrap, lampshade, leaves or branches. Take a photograph of yourself in your costume. Or if you prefer to create your character using drawing, painting, or collage go for it!
  4. Share your future character using the submission form at the top of this page!