Celebrating Heroes

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. From family members to comic book vigilantes, we all have someone we look up to. Think of a moment during the pandemic where you experienced or witnessed heroism of some kind. How did it feel? Who or what was the hero? Take time to illustrate someone who is a hero.

  1. Choose your hero—your hero does not have to be a real-life person, but they can be. What’s important is that you choose someone or something that has had a meaningful impact on your life during recent events.
  2. Draw or paint your hero, but do not draw an exact representation of your hero.  Focus instead on attributes that make them heroic to you — such as having strength, courage, moral integrity, and determination; or being helpful, honest, inspirational, self-sacrificing or selfless. Try to add context or a narrative to the drawing. For example, if your hero were someone who saved you from drowning,  draw the act of that person saving you rather than just a portrait. 
  3. Share your drawing using the submission form at the top of the page!