Our Mission

Together/Apart aims to foster community and friendship through art and creativity. Though we cannot be together physically, we are all still a part of the same community we were before. 

We hope to create a feeling of inclusion through shared experiences. Together/Apart is a space to take creative risks, be vulnerable, process emotions, and share our perspectives. The distance doesn’t reduce the value of our connections with one another.

Join Us! Let’s make something Together, while we’re Apart.


Friendtorship co-founders:
Lis Charman
Conrad Schumacher

Friendtorship co-teacher:
Lo Moran

Prompts written by:
Friendtorship class at Portland State University

A+D Projects design and concepting:
Harrison Krohne
Ariel Fogden
Kami Gould
Hope Ferns

Website Support:
Harrison Krohne
Ariel Fogden