Make Someone Smile

This year has been tough on everyone, COVID-19 has really changed the world and turned it upside down. People are dealing with losing their homes, losing loved ones, and staying in quarantine. Something the world needs right now is some positivity. With this prompt we will make a Tab Poster, designed to bring joy, humor or support during a very stressful time.

  1. Grab a piece of paper, a drawing utensil. 
  2. Reflect on some challenges that the world or your neighbors/community or yourself are experiencing during COVID.
  3. Pick one of the challenges and think of something you would want to hear or read or see while experiencing this challenge that might cheer you up. Create a list of possible ideas that relate to the challenge you selected. Think about unexpected ideas that are optimistic and affirming, or comical or amusing.
  4. Create a Tab Poster that brings a joyful or humorous perspective to a challenging situation during the pandemic. Think about what you put on the tabs to encourage folks to  interact with your poster and take some positivity  or humor along with them. 
  5. Once you have finished, post your poster in your neighborhood.
  6. Take a photo of your Tab Poster out in the world and share it using the submission form at the top of this page! — Don’t forget to check back later to see if people enjoyed your poster and took the tabs!