Tiny Love Letters

This pandemic has been a complete drag on us all. The most challenging part is how limited we are in connecting with people… or are we?

  1. Choose a person (or people) in your household or “bubble”.
  2. Brainstorm messages. What do you love about them? You might share special moments, experiences, or things they love. What would make them smile? Compliments? Jokes? 10 tiny drawings of cactuses? The possibilities are endless!
  3. Once you have ten ideas — doodle, paint, collage, write or draw each message on small pieces of paper.
  4. Now the fun part! Place the tiny love notes/artwork where they will be found — in a favorite coat pocket or taped to a favorite condiment in the fridge. Slip a note in their wallet. Drop one in their makeup bag—tape one to their rearview mirror. Seriously, any unexpected, playful place.
  5. Please take a photo of each note in its hiding spot. Feel all those warm fuzzies from making someone you love feel special, go you!
  6. Share your tiny love notes using the submission form at the top of this page!