Seven Days of Sticky Notes

A daily routine of self-care and self-love reminds ourselves of our strengths and dreams. Scientific studies say it takes approximately three weeks to form a habit. We will begin by responding to seven writing and/or drawing prompts each day in one week, then capture the collection of notes using video and audio. While recording a video of your notes and drawings to yourself – read one of your self-affirmations aloud.

  1. Gather 7 sticky notes or small squares of paper of your favorite color.
  2. Write or draw a response to each question on a separate sticky note: 
    Day One : What is one thing you are good at?
    Day Two : What is one thing you will achieve in the future?
    Day Three : What is one thing you like about yourself
    Day Four : What is one of your goals?
    Day Five : What is one of your favorite personality traits that you have?
    Day Six : What is one thing you like to do?
    Day Seven : When do you feel the proudest of yourself?
  3. After you finish each response, stick or tape the note to a mirror or wall you look at every day. Read your responses to yourself each morning.
  4. After you have completed your sticky notes. Record a short video of the collection of sticky notes while you read one of the positive affirmations aloud. For example, if on day one, I drew skates for the prompt, “What is one thing you are good at?” I would record a  video of my notes and during the recording, I would say, “I am good at skating.”
  5. Share your video using the submission form at the top of this page!