Create Your Own Holiday

Holidays are a time for celebration, creativity, and unity. Think about your own holiday experiences, what do you enjoy about them? Is it the good food on Thanksgiving, or the sweet candy on Halloween? Pay attention to what traditions and activities you cherish the most throughout these times. Do you wear matching PJs on Christmas, get a certain gift on Valentines Day, or maybe you do something fun with your mom on Mother’s Day. Now give some thought about a concept you think deserves it’s own special day to be celebrated. For our activity we’re giving you the opportunity to invent any Holiday you would like to see, and share a tradition that would take place throughout that day.

  1. Interview friends and family using these questions: What are your values? How do you celebrate them? What are your favorite holidays? What meaning and memories do they hold for you? What traditions are involved? Why are they important to you?
  2. Next brainstorm ideas for your holiday. Begin with a value or something important to you, perhaps you want to focus on hope, faith, love, justice, joy, peace, ancestors, or positive well-being. Your holiday could be as silly as National Pizza Day or as important as National Day of Service, where everyone picks up trash together.
  3. Now that you have your holiday — write about it what it means to you. How will you celebrate it? What activities are involved? When/where will it be held? Describe what you will wear, who’s invited, the type of decorations, traditions, and rituals that will be performed.
  4. Next, celebrate your holiday. It can be as elaborate as you want. Maybe you have to dress a certain way, put up decorations, pass out notes to one another or act out a skit. Perhaps everyone brings something, eats something, makes something together, sings, or dances together.
  5. Document your holiday through photography (or drawing or collage) and post your documentation using the submission form at the top of this page!