Being a Helper

With COVID and social distancing, it is easy to feel isolated and alone. Loneliness can make even a small problem or a simple task feel overwhelming. It can be challenging to ask for help when you want or need it most. Offering support to a friend, neighbor, or family member can remind us that we are part of a community.

  1. Look around you for someone who could use your help (with a chore, homework, or a problem they are having). You may want to reach out to a neighbor or elder who might be feeling isolated. Look for an opportunity to bring light and happiness to another person.
  2. Once you have decided who and how to help, design a beautiful “kindness coupon.” Use paper and the art medium of your choice. Include your name, the person’s name you are giving it to, and the task you will complete. Make it colorful and visually attractive. Photograph the coupon.
  3. Give the “kindness coupon” to the person you would like to offer your support.
  4. Take a photo of you completing the task or a drawing of the result.
  5. Submit both the kindness coupon and the resulting photo or drawing using the link at the top of this page!