Knoll Thyself

We all have certain items in our lives with which we identify. They might be articles of clothing that we use to express ourselves, keepsakes that remind us of dear friends or memories, or maybe even books that have shaped our lives and our understanding of the world.

  1. Take a moment to think of 10–20 items in your home that best encapsulate you as a person. Here are some examples: An item time you can’t live without. An item you made that you are proud of. A tool you use the most. A favorite picture of a friend or family member. Favorite articles of clothing. Favorite book/pen/pencil. Favorite childhood toy. Favorite snack food. A product you use to take care of yourself. An object that makes you think of the important people in your life. A memento from a trip. Jewelry you wear frequently. Favorite cd/vinyl record or movie. Electronic devices you use regularly. 
  2. After you have gathered your items. Find a place where you can arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Using the technique of knolling, which means to put items in an organized manner, generally at 90 degree angles. Take the time to express yourself not only with the objects, but also with the arrangement. Pay attention to lighting, color, texture and the surface you use for a background. 
  3. Take a photograph of your arrangement and submit it using the submission form at the top of this page!