Tears of Joy

During this long time of quarantine we miss lots of gatherings and fun events, and we don’t see as many people as we could. Being in a static environment for too long can be emotionally draining, therefore, it’s important in this situation to recall something beautiful that once touched us to bring the beauty back in our minds.

In the prompt, we will draw a moment that moved us to tears and share the story with each other. In this way, we can all bring back something memorable and touching. Let’s get emotional!

  1. Recall a moment in your life that touched your heart and made you cry. 
  2. Make a simple drawing of this moment.
  3. Tell a short story about this moment and record the audio. 
  4. Listen to the audio and choose one of the lines to write and include on your drawing.
  5. Submit the drawing by using the submission form at the top of this page!