Pandemic Playlist

Music has helped many people through tough times. During the pandemic, the music I have listened to has been comforting, calming, melancholy, and uplifting. When experiencing difficult times, sharing music and art can help us realize that we are not alone. Learning how to use art and music as forms of communication can help bring comfort to ourselves and others, help manage feelings, and as in the case of this prompt, offer opportunities for connection.

  1. Print off the worksheet (letter size) template on this webpage — or create something similar to the worksheet lf you do not have access to a printer.
  2. Record the names of albums and songs you have been listening to during the pandemic on the playlist template sheet.
  3. Pick one of your pandemic playlist songs and create a drawing of how that song makes you feel on the worksheet template.
  4. Send your worksheet (playlist and drawing) to friends or family so they can create their own playlist and drawing on the backside of the worksheet.
  5. Please share worksheets (or if you worked on a separate paper share your drawing and playlist) using the submission form at the top of this page!