Three Items, Thirty Days

Imagine that you are going to be stuck on an island for 30 days with a group of friends, classmates, or family. If you could only bring 3 items to help you survive the 30 days, what would they be? Something practical? Or something entertaining? The options are endless! How are you deciding what's most important? What are your deciding factors? Will you bring your mom? Your household cat? Or a random plate?

This prompt offers an opportunity to get to know one another and share our stories. When we may feel isolated and guarded, it’s essential to know one another and share our values. Even though we can’t gather in person (yet), we can still create lasting friendships and relationships through sharing our stories. This prompt also allows people to ground themselves in the now, to see what is helping us cope through the hard times. We can find similarities despite our differences and build upon them.

  1. Gather a group of friends, classmates, or family together and imagine being stranded on an island for 30 days together. 
  2. Within 5–10 minutes, grab 3 items you would like to bring with you; this can be anything! The only catch is you only have 5–10 minutes!! 
  3. Once you have your three items, come back together as a group and share why you chose those particular items.
  4. Next randomly mix up everyone’s items, and randomly reassign 3 items to each person. Then work together to create a short narrative, showcasing how this group will survive the island together! What do the individuals and the group experience on the island? If you like you can consider the topography and the flora and fauna of the island and how each person responds?
  5. Next have each member of the group create an illustrated scene or comic panel from your group's month-long experience on the island. Use the three items in your comic panel.
  6. Share your illustrations — put them together and watch your group’s collective story emerge
  7. Post your illustrations individually or as a group to the submission button at the top of this page!