Talk and Share

In an effort to reduce this stress and lift the heavy weight and gloom from our shoulders, let’s practice talking to someone and truly expressing feelings. Join your friends and entertain a conversation by asking each other questions and allowing each other to vent and joke.

This activity can involve as little or as many participants as needed. The  goal is to open up, to be present, and to listen and encourage one another during this weird and highly stressful time.

  1. Create a zoom room and invite friends, family, or anyone you would like to talk to.
  2. Think about why you enjoy talking to these people
  3. Create and ask questions you would like to know about them or how they are feeling during this time.
  4. Record the conversation.
  5. Listen to the recording and type or handwrite a transcript. You can also try using a free transcribing software like
  6. Share a JPEG of your full transcript (or just your favorite parts) with us by using the submission form at the top of this page!