Pandemic Moments

The pandemic has been stressful, anxiety-producing, and isolating. But for some, the pandemic forced us to slow down and take a pause. For those working and learning from home, the pandemic may have created opportunities to notice things we might have missed before. Let’s capture some of these "pandemic moments" using stop motion animation or a flip book. Like the slow down of the pandemic, stop motion animation requires patience. The animator photographs each small movement frame by frame to bring characters and experiences to life.

  1. Reach out to a friend, close family member, or perhaps a relative you have not spoken to recently. Ask them to tell you about some that happened during their day, week, or during quarantine that stood out to them. Listen carefully to their story — take notes if you like. 
  2. Next, think about how you might be able to tell this story using objects you have at hand. The beauty of stop motion is that it allows you to re-imagine ordinary things.  If the story is long — it's ok if you choose only a section of the story to tell!
  3. Recreate the event with stop motion animation or a flip book. Use your camera or your phone to photograph each frame. You may want to use Stop Motion Studio App, Google Photo, an online flip book maker, or Giphy. If you prefer to make a flip book with pen and paper please take a video of the results so you can share it.
  4. Share your stop motion with the person whose story you told.
  5. Share your video using the submission form at the top of this page!