I Believe In

The mission of this prompt is to express personal beliefs and fight injustice — add your voice to the struggles and movements of today. Protesting is part of American culture and is an essential expression of our constitutional rights. Subjects for a protest poster might present a point of view on Climate Change, Women’s Rights, Immigration, LGBTQ+ Issues, and, of course, #BlackLivesMatter.

  1. First, think about something that you stand for. Ask yourself the following: What is something you are against? What is something that you want to change in the world? What is a personal statement or quote that's meaningful to you?
  2. Do some research into other protests, movements, and/or actions that have taken place in support of the cause or idea you stand for.
  3. Create a poster to communicate your message. Take into consideration the research you have done and how best to visually communicate your message.
  4. Take a picture of your poster and post it on your favorite social media platforms or outside; creating a small personal protest as a result.
  5. Post the photo of your poster using the submission form at the top of this page!