Hairstyles Through the Decades

This year we experienced a lot of change. We changed the way we socialize, the way we work, the way we learn, and even the way we shop. Even though the change we felt this year was overwhelming, the reality is change is a part of life. We see lots of changes occur throughout the decades. Over time we see changes in music, fashion, food, hobbies, and interests. One way we can connect to the people that were born in a different era than us is to experience something they experienced. The goal of this activity is to connect to someone in a unique and fun way.

  1. Think of someone who was not born in your generation or decade. We are focusing on someone who is at least two decades older than you.
  2. Ask them what hairstyles they can remember that were popular.
  3. Pick one of these hairstyles and try it out yourself or on someone in your household.
  4. Take pictures and send them to the person in Step 1.
  5. Share your picture(s) using the submission form at the top of the page.