The Process of Branding
Together Again.

By Lily, Garrett, and Marco, Ruby, and Nora
Together Again is a collaborative event between Portland State’s Friendship class and Metro Montessori Middle School that was created to bring everyone together both online and in-person. We, the production team, created a visual identity that paid homage to the importance of creativity and artistic expression through color and iconography. Apart from the look of the event, we created programs, tote bags and posters that communicated information about the event, and guided participants through the different activities the students created. Let’s show you how we did it!

How can you brand an event?

Step 1
Generate Ideas
Think of all of the diffwerent ways you can best represent an event in a unique way? Start with a name. 

Step 2
Gather Rough Sketches
Start drawing out your ideas and think of ways you can use them. 

Step 3
Decide on deliverables.
Think of all of the thinkgs that the event will need. A logo? Colors? Posters? Stickers?

Step 4 
Assign Responsibilities
Work with your team to decide on roles so that the branding can be done in a timely manner.

Step 5 
It’s time to execute your ideas! Get together with your team and revise/give feedback on your work. 

Step 6
Once you ideas have been executed and revised, it is time to deliver your work for the event.