Piñata Palooza

By: Amalia, Olivia, Brandy, Jared
  • Create a piñata out of a box or balloon
  • Fill the piñata with quotes, jokes and candy
  • Hang the piñata somewhere sturdy
  • Blindfold the batter
  • Spin the batter 3 times
  • Let the batter swing 3 times 
  • Once the piñata breaks, review the contents!
The world opening back up is the beginning of a new chapter, and everyone is anticipating a fresh, healthy start. The piñata symbolizes breaking into this new chapter with excitement and hope. When the piñata is hit, it will burst open with individually wrapped candy, affirmations, and jokes, from members of the community. Each participant will contribute/write one or more message(s) for the inside. Breaking open the piñata will spark joy and a sense of relief from the long year of zoom and social distancing.