By: Gavin, Rhue, Phoebe, Jackson
 As the world begins to open up and we all come back together again, things may feel different or scary. It is important to reflect on what we appreciate and are excited about. By creating a mural that represents what makes us feel grateful for our school, friends, activities and community we are reminded to move forward with excitement and embrace the transition. The format of a permanent mural allows us to encapsulate this strange, but wonderful time and to remember it for years to come. The name “M to the 4th” stands for Metro Montessori Middle school Mural, because we are very excited about the new opening!

Is there something you want to show appreciation for? Or a space that is in need of some artwork? Brainstorm things you are appreciative for, or something you are excited about as things begin to open up again. Put your ideas on paper and draw them out. Identify a space that your mural will live. Ask for feedback from peers that will share the space. Imagine what the space will look like with your art on it. Make it permanent! Look at it when you want to be reminded of what you are grateful for.