Games Here

By: Max, Luc, Liu, Omar
This is more than a project.
This is more than a set of games.
These games express our power as a community to overcome the obstacles 2020 set before us.
This is 2021.

The past year during the 2020 pandemic we felt drained of energy and togetherness. Our goal was to playfully revitalize ourselves — Games Here! brought us together to interact with one another — and have fun. The pandemic affected each of us individually and as a group. We sought to overcome the stress and exhaustion of the past year by creating games that knock out the COVID-19 virus. 

Bean Bag Toss COVID Style

Stand 6 feet away. Use the vaccine bean bags to knock down a pyramid of coronavirus cans. Do not move forward until all coronavirus cans are knocked down.

COVID Target Practice

Use a tennis racket and badminton to successfully hit the coronavirus target five times consecutively before moving forward.

Six Foot Chopsticks

Tape together chopsticks until they are almost 6 feet long. Hold the chopsticks together to form a channel and roll your covid pingpong ball into the basket.

Kicking COVID to the Can

The goal is to kick the COVID (a soccer ball) into the waste paper basket. Or if you don’t have a soccer ball — Use chalk to draw coronavirus shapes on the floor in various sizes. Toss the vaccine bags into the covid virus to kill it dead.